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New Zealand

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M: 021 069 4682

E: admin@thedatavault.co.nz


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Your data is encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption on transfer and storage.

When setting up your backups, enter an encryption password only you know, and will not forget.

We recommend that you choose your own private encryption key to maintain utmost data confidentiality.

Physical security

The DataVault backup servers are hosted at our data centres here in New Zealand. Our facilities are custom designed with raised floors.

Backup of backups

Your data resides on RAID-protected industry leading storage devices with multiple levels of redundancy. In addition, data is periodically backed up to another set of devices for additional security.


TheDataVault DOES NOT store your private encryption key on the servers. We recommend that you archive it safely for future use as you will be unable to decrypt (restore) data backed up to TheDataVault, without it.